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Completed/Staging Projects

Laguna Beach Farmhouse

Shady Canyon View Home

Laguna Beach Traditional

Corona del Mar Contemporary

Laguna Beach Contemporary

Laguna Beach Transitional

Laguna Beach Jewel

Laguna Beach Village Cottage

Newport Beach Transitional

Laguna Beach View Home

Laguna Beach Contemporary Hill Top

Newport Beach – Coastal Beach House

Newport Beach Traditional

Newport Beach Contemporary – Boho Attitude

Grand Laguna Beach Oceanfront..with rare Private Beach Hut

Laguna Niguel Soft Contemporary

Mission Viejo Bohemian Attitude

Capistrano Contemporary Beach House

Corona del Mar Heights Contemporary

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Whether you are vacating your property or you will reside in your home while on the market....We can stage and prepare your home to greet the market place!

Either path will create a beautifully appointed style that the prospective buyer will OOOH and AHHHH over and begin to fall in love with the home.

And....for those home buyers who love the look created....all of our Furnishings are Available for Sale making the prospective buyer's life soooo easy! They can move in with the furnishings they wish to purchase and they will be there waiting for them on their Move-In Day!

Or for the homeowner... If you need assistance furnishing one space or all of them in your family Home...We are here to make that happen, too!

Just give us a call and see how we can help you!

We really are here for you and your buyer!!

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